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Golden Egg of Retirement



I guess Congress figures that seniors, who depend on social security as their major income, should be deprived of any increases (Cost of Living).  For the past three years, recipients have not seen an increase in their disposable income.  Instead, the government has given all of the increases to the insurance companies by increasing Medicare premiums.

Insurance Company Lobby

The insurance company lobby obviously is putting pressure on the government for more premium money to cover claims.  Then the insurance companies can build big, beautiful, expensive buildings and show huge profits while the poor recipients of social security continue to grow poorer.  Medicare premiums have increased every year for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

This procedure encourages the medical industry to continue raising prices for medical care.  Why doesn’t the government attempt to contain medical and medical insurance costs?

History of Doctor’s Visits

In the 1970’s, a doctor’s office visit cost $10.00. In 2017, the cost was $430.64 per visit.  What has caused this service to be 43 times what it was in 1970?  $10 at 5% inflation each year would yield $104.00 for a doctor’s visit in 2017.

Women Recipients Cheated

Women social security recipients are further cheated because those of us, who are now in their 70’s, were paid wages less than their male counterparts.  Hence, female social security benefits reflect the fact that there was not equal pay for equal jobs in the workplace.

Female Salaries Versus Male Salaries

Recently, the news media has explored female salaries versus their male counterparts, but only for the high earning privileged.  As women receive pay equal to their male counterparts, the movement will improve the disposable income of the social security dependent, poor (according to statistics, mostly women).  However, most privileged women as well as men are paying the very taxes funding social security and, most and the highest benefits of the social security payouts are going to men.

What Does The Future Hold

The future for new applications for social security benefits is not predictable.  Congress and the “experts” predict the trust will be bankrupt in the near future.  It is clear the program requires reform if it is to exist.  Some of the changes, which have been introduced, are increasing the age of eligibility and lowering benefits.

Future Retirees

My best advice to future retirees is throughout your working years match your social security deductions to start and continue from your paychecks your self-managed retirement.  At first, you will have difficulty finding the best interest rate.  As time goes on, you will be able to invest your money for better returns.


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