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The Golden Ballot

© Norine Peardon


As I stand holding my absentee ballot, I begin to realize this election is so much more than electing a president. It could allow more liberalism, debt, Supreme Court making laws, less jobs, more regulation and restrictions, higher gas prices and a weaker foreign policy.  On the other hand, I can possibly stop a lot of the latter by another vote.  A vote that may return the country’s moral character, reduce the debt, support a conservative Supreme Court justice appointment, produce American jobs by less regulation and restriction, keep lower gas prices, and support a strong foreign policy.


Over the past 8 years, law and order has almost disappeared in favor of protests.  The claims of unfair treatment or the race card were rampant. Corruption of the Washington Elite (establshment) has become commonplace.  Our country’s flag and national anthem have been publicly disrespected.

Country Strong The Old Way

For many years, citizens worked to be productive, patriotic, religious and follow the Constitution and Articles of Independence.  Citizens were proud of our country.  Currently, some say the Constitution and Articles of Independence are only historical and no longer are applicable to the United States. Hogwash !  Our country was strong and united when citizens upheld the principles of the Founders.

My Ballot

Looking at the ballot, I see I need to vote for President, Congressional Representative, US Senator, State Assembly Representative, State District Attorney, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds and approve/disprove a huge school district spending referendum, almost a full house !  The problem with the school district referendum is that there are five taxing bodies for homeowners, City, County, School District, State, Technical School.  This gets expensive ! Can you imagine how your wealth would escalate if all the 35 to 45 taxes citizens must pay were lifted?  Hillary will not do this, but will Donald Trump?

My Golden Ballot

So how do I vote this golden ballot ?  Do you want change as I do?  Since I prefer a country of sound and strong moral character where there is a great respect for the Constitution and Articles of Independence, I can only vote one way. . .as a conservative for less government interference in my life.

The Decay of the US Government, 2014

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