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Importance of Backups


© Norine Peardon, 2014

The Importance of Backups

Backing up your computer files is something all users need to take seriously.  The importance of backups cannot be communicated adequately.


Struck With CrytoWall Virus

On October 29, 2014, I was using Firefox browser on my Windows 7 Operating system to chase a coupon.  It was backup day and between the first task and second task, I decided to chase a coupon received by email.

My computer crashed (restarted) and it was obvious, something went wrong.  As I investigated my files, I realized that someone or something had invaded my computer.  Every folder and file had been imbedded with a hyperlink, INSTALL_TOR.  Then I googled the hyperlink where I found my computer was infected with the CrytoWall Virus.  CrytoWall Virus is ransomeware, where I was to pay to unlock my files.  As I checked my files, they were all infected by encryption (could not read).  Before realizing just how infected my computer was, I manually deleted some of the hyperlinks (INSTALL_TOR).  Then I decided to try searching for the links.  First search yielded 300; second search, over 500.



After deleting the links, I went to my backup files and began copying them back to my computer.  I, also, ran all the anti virus and anti malware programs loaded on my computer.  For six days, I continued attempting to revive my computer.  Finally after total frustration, I took the computer to my computer expert.

The computer expert had my computer for 5 days and thought he had licked the problem.  That is, until I attempted to open and close various programs and files.  My son suggested reinstalling the Operating System which I had avoided doing because I would lose all programs and special settings.  I checked the disk and memory to see that they were OK.  You can do this by typing in your “Start” search box, Windows Memory Diagnostic. Click on the title and it will run two programs; one will check your computer memory and the second, will check your disk.  They were OK.



External Hard Drive

external hard drive



Flash Drive
Flash Drive


WARNING:  Do not continue until you have backed up your files to an external storage, ie . . external hard drive or flash drive.





Make a list of all the programs you will lose.  So . . . .I took  the Operating System down to reinstall (insert Operating  Disk) and go to drive it is in.  Proceed with the screen prompts.  I lost one file and my Outlook contacts and, as I said before, some settings.  I am now using Avast and MalwareBytes to protect my computer.


Learn How To Do Computer Backups

The importance of backups cannot be measured.  My backups run around 12 gig.

If I were to receive a really nasty virus again, I would take my computer down to a reinstall again.  Experience makes one smarter !  If you have websites, please continue to to learn how to backup your WordPress website files.

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