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The November 4th, 2014, Wisconsin Election

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The November 4th, 2014, Wisconsin Election

Election Nears

In preparing to be a voter on November, 4, 2014, I decided to search the available information on the candidates for governor.  The results are surprising.    The two candidates are incumbent, Governor Scott Walker and Mary Burke.  Here is what my research revealed:

Mary Burke

1.  Graduated from Harvard Business School in 1985.

2.  Worked for Intrepid Corporation between 1986 and 1989 as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer ( a holding company owned by her father)

3.  She filed Wisconsin tax returns for 1987 (1986 income) and 1989 (1988      income).  No tax return available for 1988.  May have filed in the     State of New York but is not collaborated.

4.  1988 through 1990, started a company in New York , Manhatten     Intelligence, which failed.

5.  Began working for Trek Bicycle Corporation (her father’s business) in 1990 as Director of     European Operations and claims European sales increased $47 million but this is not verified.   No evidence of her success at Trek has been collaborated because Trek is a private company and refuses to verify.

6.  Paid no Wisconsin Income Taxes in 1992 and 1993 receiving the     classification as a citizen living in a foreign country most of the year.

7.   In mid-1993 she went snow boarding in Argentina and later confessed to     Governor Doyle, she had burn out from her Trek position.

8.  Served as Secretary of Commerce of the state Department of Commerce under Jim Doyle from 2005 to 2007.  Search for achievements yielded nothing.

9.  She has not run a county, lacks experience here.

10.  Recently won an election to serve on Madison, Wisconsin School Board.


Scott Walker

1.  Honesty

2.  Perseverance

3.  Courage

4.   Follow Through

5.   Cares about children and their future

6.   Is Empathetic

7.  Protective

8.  Conservative and Creative

9.  Respects the Privacy of Citizens

10. Not Intimidated by Pressure or Reforms

11.  Has a sound Marriage and two lovely Children.

12.  Does not use another Candidate’s Record out of context
to make the other candidate look Bad.

13.  Governor Walker has fully funded the state’s employees pension fund.
The state debt was $5,700 per tax payer when Governor Walker became governor.  It is now down to $4,400 per tax payer. 9-01-2014

14.  Third grade reading scores are up, graduation rates are up four years in a row, and Wisconsin now has the 2nd best ACT scores in the country.

15.  Served as Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years.

16.  Has known Failure in elections for the Wisconsin State Legislature.

17.  Served 5 terms in the Wisconsin Assembly.

18.  The only Governor in history in the U.S. who has Survived a Recall.

19.  Gave tax breaks to those who own small businesses to encourage the     owners to expand with more employees and sales to Create Jobs.

20.  Gave property tax relief to property owners.

Time To Hire

Who would you hire based on the above credentials?  November 4, 2014, will determine your preference.

Vote 2014








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  1. Thank you for your well written comparison. I will share so others can better understand why Mary Burke is NOT qualified to lead our state!

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