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The Decay of the US Government, 2014

© Norine Peardon

Where Is Our Republic ?

 The United States is no longer a Republic, it has become a democratic dictatorship.  The Founders, prior to the design of the Republic, through education and experience, learned that a democracy or socialistic government had always failed in history.  In the 1900’s when the progressives promoted their theories, most of those theories were a result of European political education, mainly Germany, Hitler’s land!  Is it any wonder, the United States has gone downhill as a result of the progressive politics and theories.  I pray every evening that our nation returns to the principles of the Founders, allowing it to be the great nation it once was.

Progressive Arguments

The progressive arguments, unfortunately, did a sales job on the people of the United States and the people were duped into thinking our Constitution and Articles of Independence were not right and in the best interests of the people.  How wrong this was!  The Founders were incredibly intelligent men.
Progressives have stomped their feet on the Declaration of Independence.  I hope our creator can forgive them.  I know what is right and what is wrong.  Do you?    We have a dying nation because we, the people do not understand the purpose the Founders had in mind when they claimed government must protect liberty, life and the the pursuit of happiness, and designed a republic to achieve that end.

The Progressives Dared !

How dare the progressives remove our rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence!  The progressives began an era of expanded government and this is why the government is broke.  They can’t tax us enough to cover the expenses of the expanded government (we, the people, have given Congress the right to appoint the expanded government employees (bureaus), so called “experts”, who are simply self-serving agencies and individuals).    We now have a democratic government with a dictator.  Did Hitler’s government survive?  This is where the United States is headed.  Direct democracy, as the agendas of Roosevelt and Wilson advocated, have turned our country into a disaster, causing government overreach and an abandonment of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

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Diagram of US Government








Bureaucracy And Executive Orders

Every day government bureaucracies exist, our government is tyrannizing the United States and our natural rights, when compared to the Constitution and the Founders republic.  I am deeply saddened by these events.  The need to repeal executive order actions, another destroying move by our government is one way to stop further decay of the United States.  Executive orders, issued by the president have the tendency to be corrupt.  Some past presidents used executive orders with the national interest as their focus.  However, more recently, they are being used to restrict our freedoms and natural rights.

Government is now treating citizens as the employees rather than the government being employees of the people.  The system now decides how our lives should be executed (lived).  Is this the government which will bring happiness.  Somehow, I don’t think so!

No more national interest, policy is made by powerful self-interest elites.  It is a system that will destroy our country.  Government no longer has good character and morals.  We have liars, drunks, druggies and special interests.  It has also become too complicated and expensive.


Restoration of Morality

Restoration of morality, God and good character, and education must guide us through our desire to the futherance of good, effective government, leaving us to live our lives without unnecessary regulation.  We can educate ourselves by knowing what our Founders’ motives were in establishing a republic.  One way to do this is to take the Hillsdale College course, Constitution 101.  It will prepare us to make better choices in the candidates we elect to office.  The Founders were highly intelligent men who were looking out for America!  Knowing (education) is necessary to the preservation of freedom.  Every high school should be training students about the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Citizens should be well informed about them as well.  No one in our present government can say, “They are looking out for America!”  Change in purpose to centralized government has not worked well.  Let’s change the direction of our country to ensure a happier and freer way of life for not only ourselves, but for our children.  To do this we must change the purpose which is not impossible if we, the people mandate this action.


The whole country needs to reverence their creator or God, for in these things, we will find morality, honor, respect, families which all promote good government and will restore our natural rights.  Religion will put the heart back into our country.



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One Response to “The Decay of the US Government, 2014”

  1. Great essay, Norine! I completely agree with you. Our government is out of control. There is too much greed for money, control, and power. God has been forgotten. Without God leading our country, it is no wonder our morals have gone down the drain. The education system is another problem, but it is all part of the same beast. I don’t think they want us to know our rights, and they certainly don’t want us to know right from wrong. We live in a crazy, backwards world. It is good to know that good people like you are still educating themselves and seeking truth. Love, Lonnie

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